Look Out, Those Religious Types Are Everywhere

Well, this is interesting: a big, color-coded map of the biggest Christian denomination in every county in the U.S. This gives rise to all kinds of questions in my mind, the first one being, What’s up with that pocket of Baptists in southwest Nevada? Are they hanging out near Las Vegas, waiting for happy hour, … Read more

Tom Cruise, Scientology Evangelist

Well, here’s that Tom Cruise Scientology promotional video you’ve been hearing so much about. It’s professionally done, well lit, crisply edited… and he still looks as crazy as an outhouse rat. I’ve heard Christians say that they wish their fellow believers showed the same kind of fervor as adherents of other religions (Jehovah’s Witnesses, libertarians, … Read more

The Death of Old Media is a Suicide

Steve Boriss writes on how the media establishment planted the seeds of their own demise during Lewinskygate: Unlike Watergate, journalists failed to do something that may now prove fatal to the Old Media. They never clearly condemned the president’s sexual relations as “wrong.” Nor that Clinton lied to them about it. Nor the credible allegations … Read more

Warning: Do Not Read the Following If You’re Worried about the Future of Our Civilization

Alright, don’t anybody panic. I’m going to say this nice and slow: You can now buy wigs… for your cat. Aaiiieeeee!!! Sorry, sorry… Just had a little freak out for a second there. But no joke, Kitty Wigs really does offer a full selection of cuts and styles. Yes, if you’ve got 50 (Fifty!) dollars, … Read more

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

Someone who is way more thorough than I am has compiled this exhaustive catalog of the religion of scads of comic book characters. It covers characters major (Superman – Methodist), minor (Jimmy Olsen – Lutheran), and ridiculous (J. Jonah Jameson – hates Spider-Man). I think I already knew that the Thing was Jewish, and I … Read more

Just in Case You Forgot: The Simpsons Was the Greatest

Yet another example of why Simpsons, in its prime, was the greatest tv show that has ever been: it’s crammed full of pop culture references and side jokes, most of which you don’t catch until somebody makes a list like this one. It’s not what it used to be — watching the Simpsons Movie that … Read more

How to be Disappointed

It’s always difficult to cope when a person you respect and admire turns out to be less than you hoped he was. We’ve been seeing a lot of that in the public sphere lately, even more than usual — Michael Vick number 7 jerseys and “Vote Larry Craig for Senate” yard signs are being thrown … Read more

Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

Here’s the strange and confusing headline of the day:American Gay grabs gold in 100 meters at worlds