Trueman on the Future of Protestantism

Carl Trueman sees the future of Protestantism after passage of the (*ahem*) Respect for Marriage Act, and it’s not pretty:

It’s Not Just Christian Music That’s Terrible

After my recent post on why I don’t like Christian music, I don’t want to seem like I’m just picking on Christian music. Because you know what else is stale and boring? Secular pop music. But is it boring for the same reasons? Well, yeah, partly. Rick Beato, who knows more about music than any … Read more

Crazy People with a Lever

I hope nobody is still hanging onto the idea that we can have “return to normalcy” after Trump leaves office. If last week’s Democratic debates proved anything, it’s that the freak dam has been breached, and there’s no going back. When the 2016 election delivered unto us the “punch-in-the-nuts” vs. “kick-in-the-nuts” choice of Trump vs. … Read more

It’s Not Too Much to Ask that Trump be Judged Against Realistic Alternatives

I respect National Review‘s David French as a person. He seems like a genuinely committed Christian and an honorable man. But in the Trump era, he has become the pearl-clutching Margaret Dumont of conservative pundits. French takes the occasion of the release of the Muller report to say, yet again, that heavens to Betsy, that … Read more

Are People Who Don’t Know Trump Better at Analyzing Him?

You know that guy in your hometown who’s a complete schmuck? Maybe he’s a bigwig in local politics, or the church, or the business community. But whatever he does, he’s a notorious loudmouth and self-promoter. You’d like to just avoid him, but he makes a point of insinuating himself into the middle of every event, … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you can, tell you mother how much you love her. If you can’t, remember how much she loved you. Enjoy the video!

Are All Sins Equal?

I think if you asked your average man-on-the-street Christian if all sins are equal to God, most would say, “Yes.” But Stand To Reason takes a look at the question and says, “Not so fast, monsignor”: …the Bible makes it clear that not all sins are considered equal by God. This is actually made clear from Jesus’ own … Read more

Compelling Christian Slang Term Deconstruction of the Day

From Dalrock: When modern Christians refer to servant leadership they aren’t talking about headship. Servant leader is a term one uses when one wishes to obliterate and deny headship. Individually the words are right, but the term servant leader has no more to do with biblical headship than the term free love has to do … Read more

Some Questions to See if Logic Still Works

If I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and, instead of flowing down into the basin, the water flowed up to the ceiling, I would say, “Hmm, there must be something wrong with gravity.” If clouds gathered over my house and then started to rain hot dogs, I would, after squealing with delight, … Read more

So, What’s Up with Andy Stanley?

I realize that Andy Stanley is a very popular and successful minister. I’ve read many of his books and seen many of his videos myself. Even the early ones, before he had a stylist, where he looked like he thought the only shirts that “fit” were the ones that were big enough to sell advertising … Read more

Last Day for a Free “Zero-Budget Christmas”

For anyone who’s interested in my book Zero-Budget Christmas, today’s the last day you can pick it up for free in the Amazon Kindle book store. After today, the price skyrockets to 99 cents, and I wouldn’t want your kids to miss out on a Mr. Pibb or a pack of Big-League Chew because you … Read more

Don’t Be Surprised…

…to see some odd things happening on the site or in the RSS feed. Changes are afoot. My apologies for any inconvenience.

In Case You Noticed I’ve Been Missing…

Yes, I haven’t posted a lot lately, but it’s because I’ve been trying to finish a book! Well, a booklet, actually. I’m writing something that’s the length of a Kindle Single and I’m going to be self-publishing it on Amazon in the next week or two. I’ll post another announcement when the book is ready. … Read more

Almost Entirely Unsolicited Testimonial for Amazon Prime

When The Avengers came out on video, did I have to stand in a long line and possibly beat a couple of nerd to death with their own laptop bags to secure a copy? No. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I am currently enjoying The Avengers in the comfort of my own home, as it has been added … Read more

The Most Important Things About the 4th of July

The 4th of July means many things, but most importantly, it’s the day we set aside to remind people of things that aren’t mentioned any other time of the year: 1) Don’t eat raw meat off the grill. Just wait and it’ll be done in a minute, you fat pig.2) Don’t put fireworks in your … Read more

Day 26: Still No Sign of Civilization

Ok, it was just two days without electricity, but that’s what it felt like. The dark and quiet that comes with a power outage is a different kind of dark and quiet–a primeval kind of dark and quiet that makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere at the dawn of time. … Read more

Hobby Lobby and Nuremberg

Comparing the US government to an oppressive dictatorship is nothing new. It was practically a cottage industry under George W. Bush. But usually that kind of talk comes from professional agitators, junior anarchists, and idiot college students trying to impress all the hot chicks down at the poetry jam. Rarely do you see that kind … Read more

Haven’t Heard Much About that Missouri Senate Race Lately. Wonder Why?

Could it be because, as Creative Minority Report reports, Real Clear Politics is showing Akin and McCaskill tied and has now declared the race a toss-up? In the annals of all-time hilarious headlines, where do you think “Akin Wins MO Senate Race” would rank? Ahead of “Khrushchev to US: ‘We Will Buy You!”; but not quite … Read more

Virginity: No Longer Just Uncool, Now Also Insulting

Lolo Jones is an Olympic athlete and Christian who has committed to keep herself sexually pure until marriage. She says, “It’s just a gift I want to give my husband.” In my youth, this was considered an admirable commitment, but hardly unusual. But in 2012 Jones’ lifestyle is not only bizarre enough to merit a … Read more