A Quick Chat with Momus, the God of Irony, about Hank Haney and the U.S. Women’s Open

After his amazing performance last week in the U.S. Women’s Open, we decided to catch up with Momus, the Greek god of irony, about one of his biggest achievements since getting Somalia on the UN Human Rights Council. Jason: You have lots of opportunities in the current socio-political environment. What drew you to this one … Read more

Some Reasons to Root Against Tiger Woods

After Tiger Woods’ win in the Masters recently, there were many reactions and comments, as reactions and comments are now the #1 cash crop in the United States, barely edging out photographs of food. The vast majority of them were positive and supportive of Woods. But there were a few people who were disappointed, who … Read more

Initial Reactions of an Alabama Fan to the Auburn-Virginia Final Four Game

I’m not here to troll. That game was just so bonkers I had to jot down some thoughts. Did Auburn get screwed? Short answer: Yes. Longer answer below. I would not have said yes if it was just about the foul on the three-point shot. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the ref will eat … Read more

Forgiveness v. Celebration

Goodness knows, I don’t want to seem like a jerk, and I’m all about forgiveness and second chances and all that stuff. But can someone explain to me why we’re all supposed to be rooting for Tiger Woods now? I’m a golf fan, so I’ve been watching sports media this season as Tiger has edged … Read more

My Day at The Masters – A Tour of the Finest Public Bathrooms in Augusta, GA

You have to enter a lottery to even get a chance to buy tickets to the Masters. My Dad has entered every year for the last twenty years and never hit. Until this year, when a woman wearing a sundress and white gloves, cradling a manicured toy poodle in one arm, reached into an upturned … Read more

Cam Newton Shows That We Are All Bad Parents

(Note: For those who don’t follow college sports and don’t understand the Alabama/Auburn dynamic, the following contains criticism of a former Auburn player, Cam Newton, by an Alabama fan, me. This being the case, Auburn fans will react to my comments the same way a new mother would react to a stranger saying her baby looks like the underside … Read more

Bad Decisions and the Super Bowl

Is it true that a decision is only a “good” decision if it leads to the results you want? If your decision doesn’t pay off, then no matter what your reasoning is, is it a “bad” decision? I was surprised to see how quickly the whole world decided that the Seahawks’ decision to pass the ball … Read more

Here’s the Thing about Adrian Peterson

We live in an era of wild overreaction. In fact, “overreaction” is too mild a term for it. Our culture churns out hysteria like Old Faithful churns out water — voluminously and with tourist-attraction regularity. Just because people are freaking out about a thing doesn’t mean it’s a significant thing; it just means we’ve got a whole … Read more

A Sentence That Shouldn’t Make Sense

Get a load of this story from the Dr. Saturday college football blog: Arkansas State removes cross decals from helmets after complaint: Arkansas State has removed decals of crosses from the back of its football helmets after a complaint. … The sticker was honoring DL Markel Owens and equipment manager Barry Weyer Jr. Owens and stepfather … Read more

Welcome to the Subculture

Well, that happened fast: In America, Bible-believing Christians are now a fringe subculture. This is from Andrew Johnson in The Corner: On Tuesday, Pardon the Interruption’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon were discussing former NFL coach Tony Dungy’s recent comments that media attention would have pushed him away from drafting Sam. Kornheiser said he was … Read more

One Quick Thought About LeBron James

Since everybody else is talking about LeBron James right now, I wanted to throw in one observation. There is one reason why “Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James” debates will always end with Jordan on top. One reason why Jordan was, is, and always will be considered greater than James. That reason is this: Jordan didn’t … Read more

The Best Comment on the Whole Donald Sterling Thing

…comes from noted thespian and martial arts enthusiast Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: And now the poor guy’s girlfriend (undoubtedly ex-girlfriend now) is on tape cajoling him into revealing his racism. Man, what a winding road she led him down to get all of that out. She was like a sexy nanny playing “pin the fried chicken on … Read more

Unionizing Will Teach College Athletes the Law of Unintended Consequences

Economics guy Jeff Carter tells college athletes who want to unionize, “Be careful what you wish for”: Athletes see dollar signs in their eyes.  But the reality will be much different.  Once the dollars are spread across an entire athletic program, they will be far less than what they think.  Why should a football player … Read more

What to Do Now That Your NCAA Tournament Bracket is Completely Ruined

So, we’re through the first weekend of a three-week-long basketball tournament, and all my bracket is good for now is reminding me that I still don’t know how to pronounce “Creighton.” (But after they yakked up their game against Baylor, I guess I don’t have to. Yes, I had them in the Final Four.) The … Read more

Gene Simmons Thinks Tim Tebow is Cool

America’s greatest fire-breathing bass player speaks out in support of Tim Tebow: “He’s got a religious passion, as well he should, we’re in America,” the KISS frontman told Radio.com earlier this week. ”He’s proud to be a Christian, what’s wrong with that? And yet, with sports media and pop culture media, they make fun of … Read more

Hail to the Redskins

The NFL as we know it is doomed. From Andrew Johnson at the Corner: National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell is willing to listen to objections to the Washington Redskins name, he says, though the decision to change its name isn’t ultimately his.  “If one person is offended, we have to listen,” Goodell said on … Read more

He is Dead to Them

If you’re looking tips on how the Aaron Hernandez case is going to go, I imagine that this is pretty much the worst possible sign for him: The New England Patriots are offering anyone with an Aaron Hernandez jersey the opportunity to exchange it for a free jersey of comparable value, the team announced.  The … Read more

Maurice Cheeks to Coach the Pistons

You may think that we don’t pay much attention to NBA coaching moves around here, and you would be right. However, I always make a point of following the career of Mo Cheeks, who just got hired to coach the Detroit Pistons, because he’s the kind of guy who should always have a job in … Read more

Dick Trickle

I haven’t thought about Dick Trickle in a long time. Not since Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann used to anchor SportsCenter, and when they read highlights for a NASCAR race, they’d always mention Dick Trickle, no matter where he finished, just so they could say “Dick Trickle.” Earlier this month, 71-year-old Dick Trickle killed himself … Read more

Get Ready for Chris Broussard Appreciation Day

If you’re looking for brave public stands in the sports world, forget Jason Collins and look to Chris Broussard, who took the radical, heroic, borderline-insane step of plainly stating the Biblical position on human sexuality: So, naturally, Chris Broussard must be destroyed. Online reaction to his statement was swift and vehement, with some going so … Read more