The Day After the Rapture: Well, Shoot, I Guess I Have to Cut My Grass After All

Hey, we’re still here! My spiritual advisor and brother-in-law (and pastor) says that people have been calling him on the phone to make sure he’s still here too, so they’ll know they haven’t been Left Behind™. They’re just joking, but still, it’s got to be flattering to know that you’re the canary in the coal … Read more

Getting to Heaven the Hard Way

Among all the “rapture-palooza” stuff on the internet (and by the way, I say kooky things and make terrible predictions all the time; why don’t I get that kind of attention? Anyhoo…), I ran across this “Will You Be Raptured?” flowchart. Notice the Old Testament flavor: I know this is all in good fun, and … Read more