Fixing Health Insurance in One Blog Post

As the Congressional Republicans continue to treat health insurance law the way a monkey treats a typewriter, one of the stories we keep hearing is how so very hard this process is. Healthcare regulation is hard and heath insurance is complicated and, man, unwinding this Obamacare thing is so difficult that we just don’t know … Read more

The Only Resource that Matters

For as long as there have been people, people have been fighting over resources. Land, water, gold, oil; whatever. But in spite of all this fighting, as time goes on you see it proven over and over again that the only resource that matters is human ingenuity. If you’re sitting on top of a big … Read more

Why Hobby Lobby Matters

If you’re a Christian who thinks that the Hobby Lobby case against Obamacare doesn’t have anything to do with you — that it’s just an esoteric argument over legal minutiae — you’re mistaken. It matters a lot. Justin Taylor points to an LA Times op-ed that explains why this Supreme Court case is about more … Read more

Supplementing Coverage of the Hobby Lobby Case

Be careful with what you read in the mainstream media about the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court. You can bet that they’ll give short shrift to the religious issues involved. Luckily, sites like GetReligion help to lengthen the shrift. Here they provide some much-needed clarification to the folks a the NY Times: The … Read more

Hobby Lobby Gets a Hearing

The Supreme Court has decided to hear Hobby Lobby’s religious-freedom argument against the Obamacare contraception mandate. During this special time of the year, let us all take a moment to give thanks that John Roberts will have yet another chance to kick us all collectively in the nuts. Kathryn Jean Lopez covers the news on … Read more

You Think Obamacare is Bad at Computer Science, Just Wait Til You See It in Economics

If you think the website is the only thing wrong with Obamacare, you got another think coming. There’s no “tech surge” that can beat the laws of economics. Points and Figures outlines Obamacare’s violation of those laws in excruciating detail:  While it is true that health care costs are sky-rocketing, millions of Americans are uninsured … Read more

The Problem with the “Let Obamacare Collapse” Arguement

Well, the government shutdown is over, and you can just hear the joy ring out all across the land. And the happiest of all have got to be the GOP congressional leadership, who were committed to the budget showdown the way that six-year-old me was committed to a trip to the pediatrician. Rather than getting … Read more

The Obamacare Strategy

If you think Republicans are pushing too hard in trying to derail Obamacare, if you think they’re making too big a deal about making a stand against the law now, read this: This, then, is the reality: Democrats have been so upset at GOP calls to delay the Obamacare’s exchanges and its individual mandate because … Read more

Saving Democracy with a Government Shutdown

Via Instapundit, James Poulos makes the case for the vital role of a good budget crisis every once in a while in a healthy democracy: Analogies are always risky, but: this is tantamount to a move to defund the war in Iraq. Either you think the budgeted legislation is horrible or you don’t. And if … Read more

The Economic Ripples of Obamacare

We have not yet begun to see how Obamacare is going to turn the nation and its economy on its ear. Jeff Carter highlights the creeping loss of Amarica’s risk-taking culture: Headline employment numbers improve, but it’s not due to economic activity.  Government policy, and Federal Reserve policy have put a stranglehold on business expansion. … Read more

Fighting for Religious Freedom

Kathryn Jean Lopez on the details of the Catholic church’s fight against Obamacare, and the fights to come: We need to wake up, the brother bishops emphasize, at a time when they have demonstrated an unprecedented unanimity about the critical importance of opposition the federal government’s encroachment on religious liberty. The HHS mandate is, indeed, … Read more

The Difference Between "Law" and Whatever It Is that Obama Does

These announcements keep coming down clarifying the meaning of Obamacare and the administration’s position on exemptions and requirements. And every time, religious organizations wait with bated breath, hoping that this time the administration will finally show some regard for the religious objections to the contraceptive mandate. (The Anchoress has a rundown of the latest one … Read more

And Now… Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day

How you noticed how lately we’re having a lot of special days to show appreciation for people who are just trying to mind their own business? It’s so rare that people feel like they should make a big deal about it. So, of course we’re having Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day this Saturday. Somehow, you knew … Read more

How Can I Support Hobby Lobby?

I don’t sew, or bake, or arrange flowers, or scrapbook, or paint, or use hot glue for anything, but Hobby Lobby just became my new favorite store: Following a decision by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denying Hobby Lobby’s request for an exemption from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, the Christian retail company said it … Read more

US Justice Department v. Little Sisters of the Poor

GetReligion covers the still-invisible-to-the-mainstream-media conflict between Obamacare and religious organizations: I would argue that it would be hard to imagine a more symbolic showdown than, literally, the U.S. Justice Department vs. The Little Sisters of the Poor. That, friends and neighbors, is a headline. The fines hitting the various branches of this poverty-based religious order … Read more

In Birmingham They Love the Governor

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley declares that Alabama will not play along with Obamacare and will not set up a state health insurance exchange.

Hobby Lobby’s Lawsuit Shmawsuit

If Obamacare doesn’t infringe on anyone’s religious liberties, then why are so many religious organizations suing over it? Some possible reasons: Way too much money lying around offices of charities and hospitals; need to blow some of it on legal fees. ACLU seemed to enjoy it so much, wanted to see what it was like … Read more

Tyndale House Fights Obamacare

Tyndale House Publishers–yes, the Bible publishers–is one of the many businesses owned and run by Christians that finds itself forced into court to try to protect its religious liberty from Obamacare’s mandates. Kathryn Jean Lopez covers their case: Tyndale publishes Bibles. But that doesn’t make it a religious endeavor. Not in the federal government’s book. … Read more

Oh, It’s On Now: Obamacare Will Raise Pizza Prices

The CEO of Papa John’s says that Obamacare could have a devastating effect on my household food budget, of which a third is set aside for pizza (the rest is for Chick-Fil-A and Doritos): “Our best estimate is that the Obamacare will cost 11 to 14 cents per pizza, or 15 to 20 cents per … Read more

Komen Double-Crossed

All my life, all I’ve heard from the medical establishment is “preventative medicine, preventative medicine, preventative medicine.” You could never test too early or too often. But ever since Obamacare, with which the government is going to have to miraculously produce vast reductions in medical expenditures, we’ve been hearing more and more along the lines … Read more