God and Logic

I kind of agree with this, and also kind of disagree: Barnabas Piper says God is not logical: We try to add up the causes to equal the effect or lay out the events in sequence so that they make sense. But God doesn’t always make sense. He is a puzzling being who often leaves … Read more

Using Jesus to Score Political Points: Arizona Religious Freedom Bill Edition

I’m a pretty easy going guy, but I have two main pet peeves: 1) People who leave their shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot. The stores install those cart corrals (which already take up valuable parking places) for a reason. Would it kill you to roll your cart into it, instead of leaving … Read more

Argue Better, Christians

The Come Reason blog addresses the need for Christians to be able to engage non-believers with good arguments: …when arguing, one must be skilled in providing a thoughtful exchange. One must know the techniques in arguing and how to properly argue. It is tragic that so many Christians today seek to engage those who hold … Read more

How Not to Argue Like an Idiot

Seems like there’s a lot of arguing like an idiot going on lately. Flip around the cable news channels and you’ll find many nightly shows devoted to it. Fortunately for us, ScribblePreach.com provides handy tips on how to avoid the 15 most common logical fallacies: 6. Argument from Authority.  I need to be careful here, … Read more

Proving the Existence of God

Over on The Gospel Coalition, James Anderson writes about logically proving the existence of God: Here is my modest proposal: We should think of proofs in terms of proofs for a particular person. In much the same way that mathematical proofs are system-dependent, so proofs of the existence of God need to be seen as … Read more