We Can’t Have People Pointing Out How Stupid Our Senators Are

“Economist Tells Truth, Apologizes“

Sympathy for the Defendant at The Goldman Sachs Hearings

I realize that it’s kind of in the American DNA to dislike bankers and other kinds of money-man high rollers, but it’s also in our DNA (I hope, down in there somewhere) to hate grandstanding nitwit politicians.  As much as you may hate “Wall Street fat cats” (And geez, can we give that cliche a … Read more

Celebrity Quiz of the Day

Q: Recently, sportswriter Paul Finebaum and his celebrity doppelganger C. Montgomery Burns dropped by the University of Alabama for the annual A-Day Game.  Can you tell which one is which? A: Neither can we!

Now That is a Good Question

The IMAO Question of the Day: Should anyone who ever supported John Edwards have their voting rights revoked? It’s a free country, and we don’t like removing the voting rights of anyone other than felons, but it would seem that anyone who ever supported the blatantly slimy and phony John Edwards is nothing but a … Read more


Some initial thoughts on Haiti: — It is a bizarre world we live in, and a weird period in human history, where there can be catastrophes that cause such overwhelming devastation, and immediately afterward–and I mean within 24 hours–the biggest problem is where to park all the planes that are bringing in relief supplies. We … Read more

Flop Sweat Saves Lives

First with the Shoe Bomber, then with the Underwear Bomber (Pantybomber, Fruit of the Boom, whatever), major catastrophes were averted because the terrorists chose to conceal the bombs on the sweatiest parts of their bodies, thereby futzing up their explosives.  How long before they figure this out, or until they discover the Western technological miracle … Read more

The Prosperity Gospel: Bad, but Not Bad Enough to Collapse the Global Economy

Via Instapundit, The Atlantic asks the provocative but stupid question “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” The author’s premise is that people bought beyond their means and took financial risks because prosperity gospel pastors told them that God would always have an easy money policy. I’m no fan of the whole prosperity gospel hoo-ha and don’t … Read more

And You Wonder Why I Don’t Trust the Media

Image via Wikipedia kottke.org digs up a New York Times editorial from 1920 that pooh-poohs the very idea that a rocket could function in space, ridiculing Robert Goddard saying he lacks “the knowledge ladled out daily in high school.” In 1969, 49 years (!) later, they issued a correction: Further investigation and experimentation have confirmed … Read more

Not Knowing When to Fold ‘Em

Terrance Watanabe, who made his fortune with the plastic crap distributorship Oriental Trading Company, blew $127 million of it in a year-long Las Vegas gambling binge: The run is believed to be one of the biggest losing streaks by an individual in Las Vegas history. It devoured much of Mr. Watanabe’s personal fortune, he says, … Read more

Because As We All Know, Communism Is Just Better

In an early entry in what I’m sure will be a rapidly growing genre of “journalism”–history-revising communist apologetics–Newsweek tries to make the case that Russia was better off under communism.  You know, because everybody had free government health care, and no one was bothered by troublesome things like opposing political parties and dissenting opinions. Reason.com … Read more

Still an Idiot

I wasn’t going to say anything about Jimmy Carter’s latest, because seriously, why bother? But then I realized it gave me a chance to pull out this picture again:

Who Wants Theirs Well-Done?

Before we let another summer go by without anyone getting 3rd degree burns over 70% of their body, here’s how to properly light a grill with liquid oxygen:

Want to See My New Chainsaw and Hockey Mask?!

National security hawks often say that the Democrats have forgotten about 9/11, but they just mean that as a figure of speech. Turns out that with this particular White House, it may be literally true: From the NY Post: …the FAA (in conjunction with the White House Military Office) staged a “photo-op” featuring flights by … Read more

More from Those Jokesters at PETA

I still say that PETA is a very well-funded practical joke.  Now they’ve started a campaign to call fish “sea kittens” so they’ll seem more cuddly and less edible. How could that not be a joke?  I kind of want to buy a tshirt myself.  And as Ed Morrissey says, there might be unexpected blowback: … Read more

Obama’s Magical Powers Grow!

Now he can make history disappear! Remember the picture of Barack Obama “conferring” with recently-arrested Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich? If not, see this 12/10 post. Now, the state of Illinois has deleted from their website the PDF that contained that picture. It was in the state publication “Governors Gazette” and originally at illinois.gov/govgazette/pdfs/Gazetteedition_2008Nov.pdf That page … Read more

Well, Duh

The Wall Street Journal points out that Obama’s promise of a tax cut for 95% of “working families” is a bunch of hooey: It’s a clever pitch, because it lets him pose as a middle-class taxcutter while disguising that he’s also proposing one of the largest taxincreases ever on the other 5%. But how does … Read more

Jesus Was a Community Organizer, and a Hiker Too. And I Think He May Have Been a Stamp Collector.

One of my pet peeves, along with people who leave their shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot (The cart corral is right over there! Would it kill you to put your cart away, you bastards!?!), is people who try to use Jesus to make a political point. Well, Obama supporters have reached a … Read more

"How About Rooting for Our Side for a Change, You Moonbats?"

Why won’t the Democrats win this presidential election? Well, for lots of reasons, but one good one is that you see lots of things around Democratic conventions that you just don’t see around Republican conventions. Like people marching in support of communism: Or in support of Muqtada Al-Sadr: (He’s the Che of the 21st century! … Read more

From the Bad Idea Hall of Fame — Economics Wing

Insanely, a columnist in the London Sunday Times has actually proposed that we ban compound interest to boost global economic development and (all together now) save the environment. This columnist then promptly has a new one torn for him by Kenneth Anderson (no relation) of the Opinio Juris blog: Without systems of finance, and particularly … Read more

Not Much of a Cheese Shop, Is It?

Hey, we were getting ready to knock a big dent in that energy problem by building a big, honkin’ solar energy complex out in the desert. That’s the kind of thing that’ll make everybody happy, right? Reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy, shrink carbon emissions, and all that rot? Well, no. The US government … Read more