At Least It’s Over

The quality of the year may be bad, but the quality of Dave Barry’s year in review column is, as always, excellent: At this point you are saying: “Wait a minute! Surely there were some positive developments in 2015! How about the fact that, after so many years of sneering judgmentalism and divisive, overheated rhetoric, … Read more

Sick Days in a Connected Age

Have you had a sick day lately? Lemme tell ya, they’re not what they used to be. I had a bit of an intestinal episode this week (kind of like this one) which knocked me completely off my feet for a day. I couldn’t have lifted my head if my pillow was on fire, much … Read more

How Long After a Tragedy Can You Make a Joke About It?

According to The New Republic (“liberals who can be reasoned with”), it’s 36 days: “Humorous responses to Sandy’s destruction rose, peaked, and eventually fell over the course of 100 days,” wrote McGraw. “We find that temporal distance creates a comedic sweet spot. A tragic event is difficult to joke about at first, but the passage … Read more