Steyn on Duck Dynasty

In his response the the Duck Dynasty hoo-ha, Mark Steyn is putting the “F U” in “furious”: In the early days of my free-speech battles in Canada, my friend Ezra Levant used a particular word to me: “de-normalize”. Our enemies didn’t particularly care whether they won in court. Whatever the verdict, they’d succeed in “de-normalizing” … Read more

Christian Persecution, For Reals

I think that all the brouhaha over Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty was entirely appropriate and justified. I think that Christians should be in the habit of vigorously pushing back against the politically correct thought police at every opportunity. However, just to keep a sense of perspective, I think it’s important that we don’t … Read more

Duck, Dynasty!

So, I was just wondering what a Duck Dynasty news avalanche would look like. And then Thursday happened. As much as I’d like to see news cycle padding like this flame up quickly and then blow out just as fast, I’m afraid that we can’t ignore it; Christians are losing the option to be bystanders … Read more

Getting Duck Dynasty

GetReligion covers the coverage of Duck Dynasty, and highlights an article about the show that actually gets the religion angle right. Included are cool tidbits like this: “Duck Dynasty” first aired in 2012. Phil Robertson said he initially tangled with producers over the portrayal of the family’s faith, insisting the word “Jesus” not be edited … Read more