Welp, We’re Truly Screwed Now: A Very Early Pre-Post-Mortem

After Donald Trump’s big win in Indiana the head of the Republican party says that he is now the party’s presumptive nominee for president, and I have never felt more like I am taking crazy pills. So, it’s time to start accepting some unpleasant facts. The most likely outcome of all this is that Hillary … Read more

Time Machine World

Every so often, some literary/political science smarty pants will ruminate over who had the more accurate vision of the future — Orwell in 1984 or Huxley in Brave New World. Both are visions of a future dystopia (yes, kids, 1984 used to be the future), just with different varieties of societal degradation. The people who believe that … Read more

Ode to Leaving My Car in a Ditch

You know it’s been a day when you have to abandon your car in a ditch and walk a mile over icy roads in a driving snowstorm to get home, and you consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I left my car in a ditch! Left my car! In a ditch! I need that … Read more

My Lunch with Two HR Professionals Will Shock and Horrify You

I sometimes worry that I’m exaggerating how close we are to the end of civilization. Maybe I overreact to bad news and depressing social trends, I think, and America isn’t really on an express elevator straight to hell like my fevered imagination says it is. And then sometimes I think the situation is a hundred … Read more

Today’s Confirmation That We Are Very Near the End of Civilization

The London Telegraph reports that the tenth most popular Christmas gift requested by children is “a dad.”