China Cracks Down on Christianity

What, you mean they weren’t cracking down already? Nope, apparently had reached a bit of a détente with the Christian community, at least compared to the complete intolerance of previous communist maniac dictators. But no more; Christianity is becoming popular enough to make the communist government tug at their collars. And when I say, “tug at … Read more

God Bless China

Speaking of one eighties, guess who’s on course to become the world’s biggest Christian nation? The same country who’s on course to become the world’s biggest everything else: It is said to be China’s biggest church and on Easter Sunday thousands of worshippers will flock to this Asian mega-temple to pledge their allegiance – not … Read more

A Good Way to Start Your Monday

Author who knows how to use Google pimp-slaps a liberal useful idiot (check that; he’s probably not all that useful, just an idiot) at length and with gusto. (Via Instapundit, your wholesale distributor for Internet pimp-slaps.)

"Why Marxism?"

C. Bradley Thompson gives a talk on why people continue to espouse Marxism, in spite of the fact that countries which implement Marxist policies tend to end up with nothing but piles and piles of dead bodies. (Via Insta-you-know-who)

Things Not to Apologize For

J. P. Freire at Acculturated responds to yet another sniveling apology for the sin of anti-communism and blacklisting in Hollywood. This way of looking at anti-Communist efforts in tinseltown flatly denies the nature of the American Communist Party, which sought to overtake American institutions and subjugate them to the Kremlin. No big deal, I guess, … Read more

That Side Was Made for You and Me

Lee Habeeb points out why Woody Guthrie sucks: Along with the thousands of songs Guthrie wrote, he penned columns under the title “Woody Sez” for the People’s World and the Daily Worker, both papers published by the Communist Party USA. And although there is no evidence that he ever joined the Communist Party — Guthrie … Read more

"The End Point of the Welfare State"

Powerline notes that last month, more Americans went on disability than found jobs, and makes some observations about the future trajectory of our great republic: What should we make of an ever-healthier country that produces a steadily growing number of citizens who think their best option is to be disabled? This is a financial problem; … Read more

"It’s hard to believe we are still having this argument."

Twenty-odd years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall, and there are still a whole bunch of people who think that a centrally-controlled command economy is the way to go. (Well, sure. You saw the way people from West Berlin flooded into East Berlin to get their Zil automobiles and month-old potatoes, right?) In … Read more