Putting Christ Back in Christmas Without Putting a Boot Up Somebody’s Behind

A priest advises Christians on how to respond to atheists’ assault on the “Christ” part of Christmas: “When I see people getting really worked up about this issue, I understand it and it is worthy of a discussion and worthy of an expression of our disagreement with the way in which these people go about … Read more

Calling the Atheists’ Bluff

Well here’s an interesting-looking book: A Shot of Faith (to the Head): Be a Confident Believer in an Age of Cranky Atheists. I think you’ll find the promo video as interesting as I did. Actually, I think the Tyson quote is, “Everybody’s got a plan until you get punched in the mouth” (said in hilarious … Read more

Proving the Existence of God

Over on The Gospel Coalition, James Anderson writes about logically proving the existence of God: Here is my modest proposal: We should think of proofs in terms of proofs for a particular person. In much the same way that mathematical proofs are system-dependent, so proofs of the existence of God need to be seen as … Read more

Atheists: They’re Not Exactly Masters of Salesmanship

Atheists in America continue to be incredibly, amazingly not good at public relations: An atheist group is putting up signs that say God is “a myth” — and they’re making sure that Jews and Muslims will see them. … American Atheists says on their website that the signs aren’t intended to offend, but are meant … Read more

Stephen Hawking on Heaven, Which Isn’t One of the Seven Extra Dimensions That We Can’t See

Stephen Hawking has taken the occasion of a Guardian interview to reiterate that he doesn’t believe in any of that childish heaven jazz: I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people … Read more

From the Department of Internal Contradictions

An atheist commenter once scolded me for using the phrase “evangelical atheist.” His point was that evangelism was something only the religious did. (I’d look up the post, but that would take up time that could be better spent eating the rest of the Teddy Grahams. They beckon to me from the pantry.) Anyhoo, it … Read more

What Would Jesus Vandalize?

Well, here’s an interesting battle of wills: Controversial ‘atheist’ billboard is defaced The “Under God” spray-painted by vandals onto an atheist billboard on Billy Graham Parkway over the weekend won’t be gone until just before July 4, a spokesman for Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics said today. I’m torn over this.  Part of me thinks we … Read more