Still More (or Maybe Less) on Coronavirus Overreaction

Well, I was going to provide a link to an article about the overreaction to the Wuhan Flu that was jam-packed with statistics and graphs and rational arguments. But I checked it this morning and, whaddaya know, it’s gone:

Replaced by a message that says, “This post is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.” (Medium being the web publishing platform that was hosting the page.)

So, my conclusion from this is that there’s only one approved attitude to have toward the pandemic, and it’s this:

I’ll keep the link there just in case the article reappears after Medium’s “investigation.”

Update: The article has been re-posted on Zero Hedge, where they don’t give two figs about the Medium Rules. Also, helpfully, they’ve included a link to a Twitter thread by a slightly high-strung biologist purporting to refute the less highly strung article.

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