In Praise of Josh Harris and Honesty

A lot has been said about Josh Harris’ recent renunciation of the Christian faith. A lot of what I’ve heard and read has come from Christians who aren’t as renouncy, and there’s been a lot of disappointment and sadness, and more than a little anger. But, say what you will a bout him, Joshua Harris did it the right way.

If you want to march in gay pride parades, you should start by renouncing Christianity. That’s honesty.

Which is better than what we usually get: the me-first effort to bend reality, and theology, into whatever shape suits us. The knecapping of the clear language of the Bible in favor of the whatever are the most currently trendy sexual proclivities.

So, if nothing else, I respect Mr. Harris for laying everything out on the table as it should be. He grappled with two beliefs that were clear contradictions of each other, and realized he had to let one go. You can’t have it all, baby.

I thought about writing, “I hope more people follow his example,” but that’s not what I mean at all. I do hope, though, that if any other Christians come to the conclusion that they can’t bear not sitting at the pro-LGBTI+etc. cool kids table anymore, they’re honest enough with themselves to know that they will have to make the same choice.

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