2017 Literacy Throwdown Book Review! – Dark Matter, a Thriller for Dumb People

When I read a novel or watch a movie, I like to immerse myself in it. I’m not a guy who goes looking for plot holes or tries to jump ahead of the author and figure out the next plot twist myself.

But by the time I got to page ten of Dark Matter, the rest of the story was so blindingly obvious that I could’ve written it myself. I ended up reading it after it popped up several times on my Amazon “You May Also Like…” lists. And the subject matter is right in my wheelhouse. I don’t want to give too much away to anyone else who might be interested, so let’s just say it’s a “theoretical physics thriller.” Yes, I am a nerd.

But for a book that’s full of alternate universes and all the possibilities that accompany them, it is laboriously predictable throughout. The only thing I got wrong was the very end, which was much dumber than I expected it to be.

In the acknowledgements, I noticed the author thanked all the people who were trying to make “Dark Matter, the Movie” happen. So the book may have been dumbed down for that very reason–to keep that opportunity open. But if I decide to go around bending and breaking all the laws of physics in a book, I hope I can do it with more flair than this.

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