2017 Literacy Throwdown Book Review! – Brilliance

Brilliance is a thriller set in a world where certain people have super powers. Not comic-book-quality super powers, like flying or teleportation or shooting lasers from their eyes. No, the powers in this world boil down to just being really, really good at regular things, like reading body language or finding patterns in the stock market. One character can be “invisible” just because she’s really adept at standing where nobody is looking.

As usually happens in fictional setups like this, the large majority of people who aren’t blessed with these powers hate and fear the small minority who are. So laws are passed and agencies funded to track and control the “Brialliants,” as they’re known. But some of the Brilliants get tired of being pushed around and decide to push back.

I thought it was an interesting concept, but in execution it ends up being just a garden variety dedicated-agent-vs-ruthless-terrorists-who-turn-out-to-be-just-misunderstood-and-maybe-the-government-claiming-to-protect-us-is-the-REAL-enemy kind of thriller. (Oh, and SPOILERS!, in case I didn’t mention.)

It works as a fun page-turner, but there’s definitely no new territory being explored here. Wait for the movie.

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