2017 Literacy Throwdown Book Review! – Icons of Evolution

Book review number one this year is for Icons of Evolution, by Jonathan Wells. In this surprisingly readable book, the author walks you through several of the examples that are commonly used as proof of Darwinian evolution (the titular “icons of evolution”) and explains how they may not exactly cut the mustard, scientifically speaking.

It turns out that biology textbooks are full of Darwinian science that has been discounted, disproved, or revealed to be flat-out fabricated. It also turns out that scientists are just like everybody else in that they can be kind of loosey-goosey with the facts when they stand in the way of what scientists want to believe is true.

Wells doesn’t argue for intelligent design or any other alternative explanation of life on earth. Which helps his case, because he doesn’t seem like he’s trying to sell you anything. What he does do is cast a lot of doubt on a theory that conventional wisdom would have you think is unquestionable.

You won’t walk away from Icons of Evolution thinking that Darwinism is obviously false. But you will get the distinct impression that maybe the experts don’t know as much as they say they do. There’s a lot of science talk, but it’s still a pretty breezy read. Recommended, if they subject matter strikes your fancy.

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