Could You Go a Month and a Half without Pay?

Power Rangers need steady pay tooI’m a big fan of the idea that there is no separation between the physical world and the spiritual world. They aren’t two different things; they’re two parts of the same thing, both equally real. Physical events affect the spiritual world and spiritual events affect the physical world. Anyways, you see what I’m driving at.

Recently, my family got to experience that physical/spiritual connection up close.

The company where I had been working for the past 4+ years imploded in slow motion like one of those cans of cling peaches that’s been sitting in the back of your pantry since 1997. Over my final three months there, three of my paychecks bounced and the last one never showed up at all.

When the paychecks started bouncing, I started shotgunning my resume out to every company that might remotely consider hiring me.

In the meantime, our household budget got tighter and tighter. After a few weeks, it became clear that we’d have to choose which bills we could pay and which we’d have to let slide. We dropped cable and decided we could make it with just one phone. We pulled our son out of preschool because we now needed that money for groceries. We started eating a lot of ketchup sandwiches.

And it followed that the financial strain started taking a toll on our spiritual lives. We yelled at our kids when we wouldn’t have otherwise. We yelled at each other. All the times we thanked God over our meals, all the times we talked about how He watched over us and blessed us started to sound hollow. Our faith, once a central part of our household, began to wane.

Just kidding. None of that actually happened. The company where I was working really did go belly-up, but I made up the rest of it.

Because God looks after children, drunks, and people with no marketable skills like myself, He opened the door to a great job where I am very happy today. We still had a period of about six weeks between the time I got my last good paycheck from ImplodyCo and my first paycheck from the new gig. But it didn’t turn into a spiritual crisis.

Because when God provided us with the opportunity to put some money away for a rainy day, we took advantage of it. We had enough in savings to bridge the gap between jobs, so we never found ourselves in desperate physical need. So, we never had to cope with the spiritual challenges that travel with physical need, like fear, doubt, and despair.

You can’t always insulate yourself against spiritual upheavals through physical acts like saving money or buying insurance. But sometimes you can, and when you can, you should.


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