God’s Truth

Justin Taylor highlights the slogan, “All truth is God’s truth,” and the principles behind it, including:

  1. God exists. (“This is the most basic idea of all. It is the foundation for all that a Christian can know.”)
  2. Through the agency of his Son, God created the universe and all that is in it.
  3. We can therefore entertain an intellectual construct called “reality.” (Reality = “things as God knows them to be.” “While a God-centered definition of reality does not by itself grant us access to that reality . . . it is nonetheless what makes it possible to talk about reality in the first place.”)
  4. This reality is complex and multi-dimensional. (“The cosmos God created . . . has physical, spiritual, and moral dimensions to it, but each dimension is fully real because its reality is anchored in the fact that it is part of what God knows to be the case.”)
  5. This reality, though complex and multi-dimensional, is also coherent and unified, centered upon the person of Jesus Christ. (“When [the universe] is properly understood, as by God himself, Jesus Christ is seen to be the Source, the Sustainer, and the Goal of all created things.”)
  6. God has created humans with the capacity to apprehend, however fallibly and incompletely, this reality.

Reality, you say? That’s an interesting concept. We should talk more about this “reality” thing.

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