Christian Cultural Engagement

Bruce Ashford is a professor of theology and culture, which makes it sound like he knows both the Nicene Creed and all the lyrics to “Uptown Funk.” And frankly, that’s exactly the kind of person I want to be hearing more from nowadays. He talks about the importance of Christian engagement with the culture in this brief interview. A sample:

…I am arguing that absolutely everything in life matters to Christ. His Lordship is as wide as creation and therefore is as wide as culture. We should seek to bring every aspect of human culture—the arts, the sciences, politics and economics, scholarship and education, business and entrepreneurship, sports and competition—under submission to his Lordship.

…I don’t think “transformation” is our ultimate goal in this time between the times. Our ultimate goal is to glorify Christ through witness and obedience, in the hopes that we might actually transform our culture. Our culture-making and culture-shaping should be done in obedience to Christ and can be a powerful witness to him, but we should not expect to be able to transform our culture in a comprehensive or final manner. Culture won’t truly or wholly be transformed until Christ returns to make all things new.

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