Do Atheists Really Exist?

Philosopher Joe Bissonnette argues against the existence of atheists: Fr. Robert Barron addresses the common misconceptions about the nature of God that lead so many who worship at the altar of science to deny God exists. According to Fr. Barron, the atheist critique hinges on their mistaken understanding of God as “the supreme instance of the … Read more

Me Too, Buddy

Tonight on the way to bed, my 3-year-old son said, “I’m going to dream about playing with you, Daddy.” I just wanted to write that down somewhere where I’d remember it.

Happy Anniversary

Six years ago today I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done and married Rachel. Happy anniversary, sweetheart! Since we’re both movie fans, we showed a preview trailer before the ceremony, like you see at the movie theater. Here it is, as cut together by my brilliant friend Don.

Is Church Too Easy?

Skye Jethani makes some interesting points: With the best of intentions, we have tried to make church gatherings a comfortable environment for both believers and seekers to learn about God. From the cushioned theater seats with built-in cup holders, to the spoon fed, 3-point sermon with fill-in-the-blank pre-written notes–the only challenge most of us face … Read more

Some Questions to See if Logic Still Works

If I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and, instead of flowing down into the basin, the water flowed up to the ceiling, I would say, “Hmm, there must be something wrong with gravity.” If clouds gathered over my house and then started to rain hot dogs, I would, after squealing with delight, … Read more

The Chris ‘N’ Jason Talkin’ ‘Bout Stuff Podcast – Episode 6: Precision Instruments

We’re back in the podcasting saddle for 2015! In this episode we do some catching up on how we’ve been spending our time over the past few months, including watching movies, pooping in seedy establishments, and learning to play the French horn (#PartiallyTrue). As always, hit us up social media style at @CAJTweetinBS or with the hashtag … Read more