Burger King and Bailing on America

When people stop coming to a restaurant, you suspect there’s something wrong with the food. When people stop watching a TV show, you assume there’s something wrong with the story. But when businesses start going through all the trouble of pulling up stakes in America and moving to other countries, our ruling class don’t think there’s anything wrong with the More …

None Dare Call It Evil

Recently, NRO’s Jonah Goldberg had a bit of a dust-up with some Professor of Bligity-blargh Mumbo-jumbo from some college somewhere, over whether it was right and proper and productive to refer to ISIS as “evil.” It went a little something like this: First, the professor (actually, the director of the Program in Human Rights at Macalester College — yeah, bligity-blargh) was More …

Place Your Bets: How Long Can We Be a One-Car Family?

The year was 2002. I was shopping for a car, but nothing was really grabbing me. Partly, that’s because I’m just really slow to make big-dollar purchases, and partly it’s because I come from a long line of people who are as good at buying cars as Cuba Gooding is at selecting post-“Jerry Maguire” movie roles. (“Hey! ‘Radio’ was good!” More …

The Responsibilities of Good Guys

Looking at the news, there seem to be a lot of bad guys running around lately, pretty much doing as they please. Why is that? Aren’t there at least as many good guys as bad? Well, that depends on what you mean by, “good guys.” Good guys aren’t the same as “good people” or “decent people.” There are plenty of More …

Why the Pope Needs Ninjas

Well, first of all, because we all need ninjas. But Jonah Goldberg explains more specifically: …it’s worth keeping in mind that we are already in an era of armed transnational religious movements. The problem is that they are evil. What would be so terrible about leading by example? Papal peacekeepers could do incredibly valuable work in parts of Africa or South More …

A Crazy Man at Parade Rest

Via Jim Geraghty, here’s a clip of Robin Williams performing a USO show when the ceremony for the end of the day happens right in the middle of his act. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he knows enough to remove his hat: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Robin Williams

You could do worse than have this as your epitaph:

China Cracks Down on Christianity

What, you mean they weren’t cracking down already? Nope, apparently had reached a bit of a détente with the Christian community, at least compared to the complete intolerance of previous communist maniac dictators. But no more; Christianity is becoming popular enough to make the communist government tug at their collars. And when I say, “tug at their collars,” I mean, “beat More …

When All You Have Is a Hammer

Justin Taylor points to an article about professional atheist and charter member of the “People You Least Want to Go On a Cross-Country Car Ride With” Hall of Fame, Richard Dawkins: Dawkins has been arrogant for years, a man so convinced of his intellectual superiority that he believes the one domain in which he happens to be an expert, science, More …

My Favorite Local TV News Reporter

“I’ve never been on live TV before!” Update: Aarrggh! The video embed has an auto-playing ad. Begone from my site! Here’s the link.

Have You Thanked a Christian White Man Today?

If you haven’t, Andrew Klavan thinks that you should. You’re welcome.

Days My Stocks Are Up vs. Days My Stocks Are Down

My mood often depends on how the stock market is doing. Days my stocks are up: Days my stocks are down:

“Realize What a Treasure This Is”

David Platt, the Doogie Howser of evangelical Christianity (just listen to him pull all those Bible verses from memory; incredible), speaks on the value of religious freedom and the perils of not having it (via Yellowhammer): I’m especially glad that he addressed the idea of Christians finding acceptance from the world. There does seem to be a prevailing opinion among American More …

The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m going to tell my son about things like this. And while I don’t think I would buy a used car from this guy, what he says about confidence makes a lot of sense to me. Also, does he break down crying at the end of this video? (Via Lifehacker)