Regular People Inconveniently Notice the Economic Benefits of Walmart

Have you noticed all the horrible economic damage that Walmart has done to the lower- and middle-classes? You know who hasn’t noticed? All the millions and millions of lower- and middle-class Americans who work and shop there:

Washington, DC is two weeks away from ribbon-cutting ceremonies for its first two Walmarts. For the stores’ 600 available jobs Walmart has received 23,000-plus applications—38 per job.

…it’s worth pondering why elite, often left-leaning opinions about Walmart seem to have little in common with those of the people who actually shop there and want to work there. The number of applications the DC Walmarts have received seems to be evidence that those actually dealing with unemployment have decided that a Walmart wage will help improve their standard of living. And Walmart prices increase the purchasing power of low-income people, potentially making the difference between struggling and getting by. The knock-on effects of liberal solutions to Walmart evils, like raising the minimum wage beyond a threshold the company is willing to accept, often harm the very people their proponents claim to be helping.

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