The Problem with the “Let Obamacare Collapse” Arguement

Well, the government shutdown is over, and you can just hear the joy ring out all across the land. And the happiest of all have got to be the GOP congressional leadership, who were committed to the budget showdown the way that six-year-old me was committed to a trip to the pediatrician.

Rather than getting into a straight-up fight, the more moderate Republicans would rather follow the strategy of “let Obamacare collapse on its own.” Because it the law is that terrible, people will realize that it’s terrible once it’s implemented, and they’ll demand something else.

The only problem with that reasoning is that the history of America is full of terrible laws that everyone knows are terrible laws, and yet they never, ever go away. In fact, here’s the list of all the terrible American laws that have been repealed:

  1. Prohibition of alcohol in the 18th amendment to the Constitution.

And that’s pretty much it, while the list of stupid laws and regulations that remain in place could go on and on and on. Sure, politicians bang on about fixing, amending, and/or reforming laws, but they never repeal them. Once a new government program is in place, it’s there forever.

Obamacare will collapse, but it is foolishly optimistic to think it’ll collapse into something better. No one will say, “Well, since that didn’t work, let’s try a lot more innovation and freedom!” They’ll do what they always do, which is “fix” one onerous law by piling on more onerous laws.

Yes, if the opposition doesn’t do anything, Obamacare will collapse. And then things start to really go bad.

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