Eddie Romero Is One Ballsy Preacher

Think you’re bold for Jesus? Well, have you ever snuck into Iran to protest for the release of Iranian Christians who had been imprisoned for their faith? Eddie Romero has:

Pastor Romero protested in front of Iran’s notorious Evin prison on Monday, chanting “Let my people go.” Prison officials detained Romero and it is unclear where he is located. According to reports, Romero sought to draw attention to the plight of imprisoned Christian Iranians, including Farshid Fathi, Saeed Abedini, Mostafa Bordbar, and Alireza Seyyedian.

Iran’s regime imprisoned the Christian Iranians simply because they practiced their faith. Shahrokh Afshar, a pastor for the Iranian Church On The Way in Los Angeles, said, “Their greatest sin was leaving Islam to follow Christ.” Pastor Abedini is a U.S. citizen who has been incarcerated for over a year in Iran.

Needless to say, Romero was then held in the loving embrace of the Iranian authorities. According The Huffington Post, he’s been released and is scheduled to return to the US. Dude is feisty.

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