Why Liberals Hate Tim Tebow

For the first time in a while, we’re playing a football season that has no Tim Tebow in it. Looks like the end of the road for his playing career, and for the life of me I will never understand why arguably the greatest college player of all time, and one of the most popular football players of the last decade, couldn’t find a home in the NFL.

At PJ Media, Paula Bolyard feels kind of the same way:

Now you’d think that any team with half a brain, or even a modicum of greed, would have seen the potential — a decade of Tebwomania with the accompanying marketing bonanza. Jerseys, posters, shoes, ticket sales, TV viewers — dollar signs. They would have immediately put a team of the best coaches, trainers, and former quarterbacks on Team Tebow to do whatever it takes to transform his Heisman Trophy college skills into NFL-worthy abilities. But the media had to have its say. 


Despite Tebow’s tremendous marketing potential, even before he was cut loose from the Broncos, the whisper campaign began about how he was “polarizing” and he had “baggage” — that teams wouldn’t want the “distraction.” Ross Bentley at Bleacher Report called Tebow “ the most polarizing figure in sports.” A Business Insider headline blasted “How He Became the Most Polarizing Athlete in Sports,” citing Tebow’s homeschooling and Christian faith. (It should be noted that Michael Vick was also at one time considered “the Most Polarizing Man in Sports,” but you know, he killed and tortured innocent puppies and spent time in prison for illegal dog fighting.) 


The truth is, many of these Tebow-bashers really have a problem with God — Tebow is just a convenient conduit for their anger. When they see Tebow unashamedly discussing his faith, praying — Tebowing — on the sidelines of a football game, or hear about him preaching in a church, it makes them confront the fact that they are not right with God.

I am sure he will land on his feet, though. He’ll certainly never have to pay for a meal in the state of Florida. If he brushes up on his TV presenter skills a little, some smart producer might give him a show, and then the haters will have to see him even more than they would have on a football field.