Gene Simmons Thinks Tim Tebow is Cool

America’s greatest fire-breathing bass player speaks out in support of Tim Tebow:

“He’s got a religious passion, as well he should, we’re in America,” the KISS frontman told earlier this week. ”He’s proud to be a Christian, what’s wrong with that? And yet, with sports media and pop culture media, they make fun of his religion. Really? In America? If he was wearing a burqa, they wouldn’t dare say anything. But if you’re a Christian, you get to be picked on? What the hell? The guy’s got family values. I never saw the media picking on Michael Vick for torturing dogs. [Um, really? I think Gene may have been out of the country for about six months in there somewhere. Or buried under a pile of groupies. – j] Or this other football player, who’s alleged to have killed, committed murder.  That’s ‘cool.’ But a guy who’s religious and has got family values isn’t ‘cool?’ He’s cool to me.”

And more in support of religion generally:

“I think religion is good for mankind. Without the Ten Commandments,” he pauses to note, “Jews gave you that,” and continues, “Without that, there’d be chaos. Somebody had to say, ‘Here are some good ideas: don’t steal, and don’t kill.’ Those are good ideas. That’s called ‘civilization.’ There was once a time where those things weren’t written down. You had chaos! We still have chaos, but there’s a reference point. But those are good ideas. Honor thy father and thy mother. That’s a good idea!”

Now there’s an attitude I can live with. I don’t think Simmons is a religious guy, and that’s his loss (really, it is). But at least he has a respect for religion and its place in society. If everybody had a little bit of that, I think we’d all get along a lot better.

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