That Clown from "Dude, Where’s My Car?" May Be America’s Greatest Promoter of Traditional Values

Rush Limbaugh spent a lot of time Wednesday praising Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the Teen Choice Awards, and for good reason.

(If reading that sentence makes it feel like something has popped loose in the fabric of space-time, I felt the same way when I wrote it. Just sit down until the room stops spinning. Ready?)

A tidbit from Rush:

Now, don’t ho-hum this, folks.  This is a message that young kids today are not hearing except maybe in their homes from their parents, but they’re not hearing this. They’re not hearing this from Obama. They’re not hearing this from presidential or political leadership.  This kind of message of hard work, the traditional American route to success and happiness is what’s being made fun of, it’s what’s being said is not possible anymore.  The reason why there is a malaise, this fog of depression that has rolled in over this whole country, is because young people particularly don’t think there’s any opportunity for them.  They don’t think there’s any left.  They don’t believe there’s any prosperity out there for them.  

They have been told that evil corporations and evil Republicans and the rich have taken it all from them.  Do not laugh.  The vast majority of even college graduates are taught this.  So when Kutcher, at the Teen Choice Awards, stands up and offers a traditional, uplifting, motivational, and inspirational speech on how he became successful, it’s remarkable.

It’s true. Watch and be amazed:

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