Christians and Tipping, Revisited

Lifehacker recently ran a survey that asked, “Should tipping be outlawed?” More than 64% of the respondents answered “yes.”

I think that people feel that way because they’re not seeing the act of tipping for what it is. I wrote something about this a while back, directed specifically at Christians and their tipping behavior:

It helped my attitude a lot when I stopped looking at tipping as some kind of obligatory burden, and started looking at it as another opportunity to be generous.  I ask God for opportunities to share His love all the time, as I’m sure a lot of Christians do.  Well, there you go: it’s right in front of your face every time you go to Denny’s.

And I still say, if you pray before your meal in a restaurant where everyone can see you, you’d better be prepared to leave a generous tip, or you just look like a pious ass.

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