Can Christianity Survive Gay Marriage?

Well, of course. Christianity has faced much more dangerous, and much more fabulous, challenges than gay marriage.

But can a Christian America survive gay marriage? I’m afraid the fact that we even have to ask the question demonstrates that that ship has sailed. And it probably sailed long before anyone reading this blog was born, unless you’re reading it on a computer in the library of a retirement home, in which case, thanks, Nana.

An interesting (and frankly, kind of depressing) post on Patheos looks at the place of Christianity in a culture that doesn’t buy into its morals anymore:

If Christianity becomes radically marginalized, having no cultural power at all, perhaps Christianity will have to return to its essence:  Christ, the Gospel, the forgiveness of sins.   Because no matter how much people wish to erase anything that restricts them and makes them feel guilty, if Christianity is true (and it is), the moral reality remains.

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