Gay Fatigue

No, I’m not talking about fatigue from being gay, although I’m sure that listening to the Pet Shop Boys all the time is draining in its own way. I’m talking about the fatigue that comes from talking about homosexuality, which we’ve been doing a lot around here lately.

I ran across a Justin Taylor post in which he quotes Al Mohler on the fatigue within the church that is fighting a long, uphill battle:

It is easy to detect a sense of fatigue setting in among Christians in America who are tired of arguing, debating, and speaking the truth about homosexuality in the midst of a fallen and rebellious culture. This fatigue is evidence of sin, even as it is an understandable response to the difficulty of our task. We are now coming to a point of cultural crisis, and the church is called to faithfulness as we must declare God’s truth with a boldness never summoned before. The church must demonstrate even more candor, more courage, and more truth-telling. We must demonstrate more genuine compassion, even as we reach out to a civilization that is literally falling from within. Even as civilization falls, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ must stand as the People of God, determined to keep its wits even as it shows the love of God and seeks the glory of Jesus Christ, in season and out of season.

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