What Kids are Good For

Mark Tapson explores the eternal question, “Why have kids?” His answer is more than just tax deductions or having someone in the house with hands small enough to fish lost silverware out of the sink drain. He says children give life meaning:

Bringing little ones into this world who depend on you for everything forces you to take life seriously and to clarify your own purpose on earth. Purpose gives your life meaning, and when your life has meaning beyond the narrow and empty confines of aimless, ephemeral self-gratification, then you have a shot at real happiness.

He’s almost right. Kids don’t give your life meaning. They are like little sticky-handed spotlights, shining a blinding, unmistakable light on the meaning it already has: You’re here to glorify God, and it is the most godly thing to love people who can’t do anything for you.

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