Ode to Penn

Penn Jillette, magician and avowed atheist, actually does seem to understand what the papacy means more than most commentators I’ve seen on TV.

“Well, I think I may be somebody who believes in the Pope’s position more than most Catholics. I really take people at their word. And it seems like all of the cynicism and all of the – who are we going to get in, modernizing – there’s not supposed to be modernizing. It’s supposed to be [the] word of God.” 


“…if you have someone who is a conduit to God and is speaking God’s word, even if you can’t understand exactly what God’s plan is, even if you do see suffering, that you consider unacceptable, or any suffering is unacceptable, that still doesn’t mean you get to vote on what God actually believes.”

See the video here.

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  1. On the list of amazing conversions, that would be right up near the top. I asked Teller to comment on the likelihood of this happening, and he said, ” “


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