Putting Christ Back in Christmas Without Putting a Boot Up Somebody’s Behind

A priest advises Christians on how to respond to atheists’ assault on the “Christ” part of Christmas:

“When I see people getting really worked up about this issue, I understand it and it is worthy of a discussion and worthy of an expression of our disagreement with the way in which these people go about removing Jesus from Christmas,” Morris said. “But we can’t allow our Christmas then to become an internal struggle and disdain for the people who are taking the meaning of Christmas away from us.” 

If reactions to the War on Christmas aren’t kept in check, the priest argued that believers will allow the meaning of the holiday to be changed “in a fundamental way.” While he noted that there is a place for “righteous anger,” he described the importance of determining the differences between simply spouting off with no bounds and taking aim at atheists’ assaults on Christmas with love.

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