I’m a big fan of chaos myself. It brings us all kinds of entertaining things, like Jesse Ventura’s term as governor of Minnesota, and Gangham Style.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb appears to agree with me, and he’s written a book that I’m going to have to check out: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.

From the review in the Daily Beast:

Taleb maintains that living things and complex systems are all antifragile to some degree. Our bodies, for the most part, thrive as a result of regular interaction with stressors in the environment just as “firms become weak during long periods of steady prosperity devoid of setbacks” and “[s]mall forest fires periodically cleanse the system of the most flammable material, so these do not have the opportunity to accumulate.” The process of biological evolution, technological progress, and economic growth all rely on some sort of messy, undirected trial-and-error process that is fueled by regular exposure to uncertainty. We insulate ourselves from such natural volatility at our own peril.

This is all true. And with that in mind, please note that the people who currently run our government are taking every step to insulate us from all randomness, disorder, and inconvenience. That is bound to work out well.

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