Sexy Uber Alles

That stupid…

Wait, it’s so stupid I’m going to spell it with two “o’s”…

That stoopid campaign commercial that tries to equate a vote for Obama with sex (and I’m sure the people who think this is a smart move are exactly the kind of people we should look to for sex advice) has been kicking up a bit of stir. But probably not the kind of stir the Obama campaign wanted.

Here’s the commercial:

And here are some almost instant parodies of the transcendently parody-able:

So, not very effective as agitprop, but, like a lot of things in the Obama era, very effective at pulling back the curtain and revealing what goes on in the minds of the liberals (liberals like Lena Dunham, who are, to a large extent and unfortunately, the shapers of our culture).

To liberals, the ultimate expression of humanity and its inherent goodness is sex. They use the word “sex”¬†interchangeably¬†with the word “love” (as in, “homosexuality is just another kind of…”). Sex is the ultimate expression of love; to provide sex (consequence-free, no-strings sex) is to provide love and to deny sex–like those mean, prudish conservatives so often do–is to deny love.

Since all goodness is manifested in sex, it makes sense to the liberal to compare every good thing to sex. And voting for Obama is a very good liberal thing. Therefore, it must be a lot like sex. Therefore, a bunch of liberals came up with this commercial, all saying to each other, “It makes so much sense! This is bound to put us over the top!”

If I may be permitted the understatement, a view of love that is based entirely on sex is kind of a stunted view of love. And a stunted view of love leads to a stunted view of goodness.

For one thing, it kind of downplays the whole idea of self-sacrifice. As you may have noticed from this and other ads, the Obama campaign isn’t real keen on self-sacrifice, promising as it does a never-ending stream of goodies which are, practically speaking, somebody else’s sacrifice for your convenience. And yet Obama is the “good” one in this race, while the other guy is “evil.”

How good could Romney possibly be, after all? He’s only had sex with one person his whole life.

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