10 Questions Pro-Abortion Candidates are Never Asked

Pro-life candidates for public office always get the full Spanish Inquisition, but Trevin Wax posts 10 questions that our supposedly unbiased media never ask pro-abortion candidates, including:

2. In 2010, The Economist featured a cover story on “the war on girls” and the growth of “gendercide” in the world – abortion based solely on the sex of the baby. Does this phenomenon pose a problem for you or do you believe in the absolute right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy because the unborn fetus is female? 


7. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. has said that “abortion is the white supremacist’s best friend,” pointing to the fact that Black and Latinos represent 25% of our population but account for 59% of all abortions. How do you respond to the charge that the majority of abortion clinics are found in inner-city areas with large numbers of minorities? 

8. You describe abortion as a “tragic choice.” If abortion is not morally objectionable, then why is it tragic? Does this mean there is something about abortion that is different than other standard surgical procedures?

Remember this when someone says that conservatives make too big a deal out of media bias. Liberal bias doesn’t just mean certain statements in certain stories have a liberal slant to them. Liberal bias is about establishing liberal premises as a baseline for how we understand everything else.

The news media don’t want to just control the direction of the conversation over dinner; they want to control the ambiance of the room. They want to be the subtle, hypnotic muzak playing in the background, making windmill farm subsidies and the death tax sound like reasonable and good ideas.

One of the most firmly established premises is that pro-life politicians have to explain themselves, while pro-abortion politicians are self-evidently good people who care more about the welfare of women. This, in spite of the fact that something like 75% of Americans think there should be at least some restrictions on abortion, and a pretty significant percentage think it should be banned outright. Somehow, nobody ever brings that up, though. You don’t notice the muzak, yet you find yourself tapping your foot along with the beat.

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