It’s Not About the Movie

GetReligion on the shallowness and stupidity of trying to appease Islamists by punishing people who make movies they don’t like:

Probably the most annoying thing I personally feel about all of the unbelievably focused outrage directed at the “movie” as the “spark,” “catalyst” or “trigger” for the riots is the way it makes Muslim rioters seem less than human, as if they’re unable to control themselves and are so sensitive that they can’t understand how the rest of the world works. 

…this is a much more difficult story to report out than the “Muslims can’t handle even the mere mention of offending images” one that gets pressed by many in the media and used to present criticisms of, of all things, our First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech. On that note, while I’m sure we all found the descriptions of the “movie” in question to be offensive, I’m very surprised at how little criticism or questioning of any kind we’re seeing in many mainstream accounts of federal and regional crackdown on the “filmmaker” as it relates to the First Amendment.

Well, I’m afraid that’s because the First Amendment is already dead.

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