Komen is Now a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Planned Parenthood

Several leaders of the Komen for the Cure, along with the founder, are stepping down:

Both Brinker and Thompson came under heavy criticism in January, when the Komen Foundation revised its grant criteria in a way that would exclude Planned Parenthood from participating. Online petitions circulated demanding that Brinker step down from her leadership position. 

After a public outcry over the decision — and protests alongside pushback from its own affiliates — the Komen foundation reversed the decision. It has so far continued to provide funding for the women’s health organization’s preventive services. 

The leadership shake-up follows the February resignation of Karen Handel, Komen’s vice president for public policy. Several former Komen employees have said that Handel was a driving force behind the  decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. 

Multiple state officials also stepped down from their roles in March, citing a disagreement over the initial decision to cut off Planned Parenthood’s funds. 

Since the controversy, some Komen affiliates have reported lackluster fundraising with Race for the Cure, the organization’s signature fundraising event.

Has anybody considered that the funding shortfall might be the result of pro-lifers who formerly supported Komen turning their backs on the organization after it became obvious that they were Planned Parenthood’s beyotch? Breitbart.com considers it:

Brinker’s decision to step aside is undoubtedly due to fundraising problems in the aftermath of the controversy. Leftists who pretended to care about breast cancer, but truly cared about Obama’s 2012 election chances and Planned Parenthood, likely haven’t filled the fundraising gap Komen experienced after they reneged on their commitment to move away from Planned Parenthood.

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