Hey, I Thought People Who Challenged Science Were "Deniers"

Apparently that only applies to some science:

University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus published a study in the July issue of Social Science Research that found children of homosexual parents have significantly more social and mental health problems than children of heterosexual parents. According to LifeSiteNews, he is  being investigated by the University of Texas for “scientific misconduct” after numerous complaints from gay activist groups.

 The Chronicle of Higher Education weighs in on the attacks on Regnerus and the tendency of the social science establishment to punish those who deviate from the liberal faith:

Those who are attacking Regnerus cannot admit their true political motives, so their strategy has been to discredit him for conducting “bad science.” That is devious. His article is not perfect—no article ever is. But it is no scientifically worse than what is routinely published in sociology journals. Without a doubt, had Regnerus published different findings with the same methodology, nobody would have batted a methodological eye. Furthermore, none of his critics raised methodological concerns about earlier research on the same topic that had greater limitations, which are discussed in detail in the Regnerus article. Apparently, weak research that comes to the “right” conclusions is more acceptable than stronger studies that offer heretical results.

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