Ann Althouse Addresses One of the Root Causes of My Deprangry

In referring to the Hilary Rosen “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” scandal, Ann Althouse says this:

As we’d talked about earlier: The Democrats don’t really believe anything. They’re just working on various voting blocs. They started this “war on women” theme, but it was a means to an end. Women were out there, so numerous, so richly exploitable. The campaign made its move. And then… the slip.

That’s the thing: “The Democrats don’t really believe in anything.” All the outrage and screaming, all the protests, all the hammering of talking points over and over and over–it’s not really for communicating any kind of truth or facts. It’s just a horn honking; the insistent honking from the horn of a car that’s trying to get in front of all the other cars.

Even if you engage with them and win the argument, it doesn’t matter. They’re just going to keep honking that horn. Because they want to be the car in front, and nothing else matters. Hence my continuing frustration over politics and my acute case of deprangry. Arguing doesn’t matter anymore; the only thing left to do is win.

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