I Will Now Return to College and Make Honor Roll in a Subject I Know Nothing About

Courtesy Instapundit (isn’t everything?), the Tax Prof Blog highlights the data showing that 43% of all grades given at 4-year universities and colleges are A’s.

When you break it down by sector, the easiest graders are private, nonprofit universities. The toughest graders? Commuter colleges. So, either the students at commuter colleges are getting challenged more, or the professors are just mad about not getting that private school gig and they’re taking it out on their classes.

Now that everyone has a high school diploma and high school diplomas have therefore been rendered worthless, we’re working on doing the same thing to a 4-year college degree.¬†Once politicians have clamped onto an issue like they have with universal college education, you can’t pry them off with butter and dynamite.¬†They say that everyone should have a college degree, but we find out soon enough that “everyone” includes people who aren’t qualified to get one.

Never mind that; reality does not matter. The system bends to accommodate political reality. Standards get lowered, corners get cut, and heck, let’s just give everybody an A in The History of the Sitcom or Twitter for Journalism Majors, and we’ll all cut out of here early and get a root beer! Yay, college!

Online education keeps creeping into the mainstream, and on behalf of my unborn son, I say I can’t wait. Maybe it will at least be cheaper to get a worthless college degree, allowing more money to pay for the graduate degree that will by then be required to get an entry level job in the cell phone kiosk at Walmart.

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