Penn & Teller’s Patriotic Flag Burning

How often do you see American performers pay such a heartfelt tribute to the country that gives them the freedom and opportunity to perform as they please? Nice. (via The Anchoress)

Anthony Weiner and the Importance of Shame

At last, the first act of the Anthony Weiner saga has drawn to a close. (I say “first act” because, if you don’t think this clown is coming back at some point, well, go look up Marv Albert on Wikipedia and come back when you’re done. I’ll still be here.) The whole thing was silly … Read more

No One Here Gets Out Alive

There’s been a minor panic-ette over the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that cell phones may cause cancer. More specifically, WHO has classified cell phones as a Class 2B carcinogen. Gizmodo helpfully provides a list of other things that are classified as Class 2B carcinogens, including: Bracken fern Carpentry and joinery [I have no idea … Read more