The Day After the Rapture: Well, Shoot, I Guess I Have to Cut My Grass After All

Hey, we’re still here! My spiritual advisor and brother-in-law (and pastor) says that people have been calling him on the phone to make sure he’s still here too, so they’ll know they haven’t been Left Behind™. They’re just joking, but still, it’s got to be flattering to know that you’re the canary in the coal mine for some people to tell when the rapture happens.

On one level, it’s amusing to joke about. On another level, it’s been irritating to have yet another occasion for the media to treat Christians like they’re all doomsday-cult wackos. As Freeman Hunt said on Instapundit:

Does anyone actually believe in this Rapture Saturday thing? I keep seeing references to Christians believing it, but I am a Christian, and I know a whole lot of Christians, and yet, I have not encountered a single person who believes this. I’m guessing there’s a small, nutty group somewhere that came up with this, and now it’s being used as a cudgel against regular Christians.

Yep, the only reason this was newsworthy is because people in the media saw it as a way to make one of their least favorite groups look bad.

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  1. Well brother it is a tool of the Devil to make people not believe in the real thing and ONLY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER knows the DAY or HOUR….so rest assured its coming but in HIS TIME!!!!! Praise the Lord, Keep looking up.


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