Obama’s Religion

A shocking survey reveals that when you have a Muslim father and a Muslim step-father, attend Islamic school as a child, then become president and do things like fall all over yourself to win favor in the Middle East and instruct NASA that their number one priority is Muslim outreach, then, as crazy as it might seem, some people might tend to think you are a Muslim.

That same survey reveals, with another equally bizarre statistic, that when you do things like mocking Christians as bitterly clinging to their religion, and your only association with a church is periodic attendance at one where the main focus of the nutbag preacher is on how much God hates America, people might tend to think that you’re not a Christian.

Obama apologists are positive that these kooky misconceptions are the work of a coordinated plot by his political enemies, but this explanation fails on numerous counts.  First, his political enemies aren’t smart enough to execute a coordinated anything.  And second, why have a plot to create confusion about his religion when he does it to himself every day!?  Does Fox News need to produce an investigative series implying that Obama might have really big ears?  Do right-wing blogs need to work together to create the impression that the Obamas take a lot of expensive vacations?

What the survey reveals more than anything is that Americans, while they can be swayed by slick marketing, are not complete idiots.  When you show them something that walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and holds Iftar dinners like a duck, some of them are going to start to suspect that it’s a duck, no matter how much you tell them that it’s a devoutly Christian emu.

But this “Is he Muslim/Christian?” talk is all sideshow. Whatever symptoms of religion Obama may have, none of them are going to turn him from his true belief: big government socialism.  As Bill Kristol says in The Weekly Standard, “He’s no Muslim, He’s a Progressive.

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