Abstinence Education May Actually Work; Also, Not Touching Stove May Prevent Burns

In more shocking news that’s not really news to anybody, a recent study has found that that abstinence education may actually work.  Children observed in the study were more likely to delay sexual activity. The most shocking part of the study? The Washington Post actually ran a story about it! The least shocking part?  The … Read more

The Sequel to "How to Build a Tower All the Way to Heaven"

Instapundit mentioned this book the other day: How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth.  From the Amazon description: What would it take to make this world a paradise? Tackling the momentous question of how individuals can envision and enact positive change, this collection of 101 essays from some of today’s most notable thinkers, leaders, artists, … Read more

The Pendulum

As I get older, I believe less and less in the pendulum theory of history: that things swing in one direction for a while, then they go too far and they turn around and swing the other way.  Maybe things just swing one way, forever. But then again… In fact, on some measures, the data … Read more

Well, Hello History

This looks like something: a recent archeological find seems to provide further evidence for Jews’ ancestral claim on Jerusalem: While ancient buildings are not uncommon in the city, the significance of this discovery is the fact that these edifices can be dated to the 10th century before the Common Era — the time of King … Read more

Tiger’s Favorite Religion

Since Tiger Woods will be relying on his Buddhist faith to lead him back to golfing Nirvana and product endorsement success, you may be hearing more about that religion in the coming months. Luckily, Gospel.com has compiled a list of links to provide more information on Buddhism, including an article on how Buddhist beliefs differ … Read more

What Global Warming Can Teach Us About the Rapture

No, I’m not saying that Jesus is going to come back and leave poor polar bears stranded on little shrinking icebergs. But we can learn something about how people might react to that Biblical event by the way true believers react to the collapse of the global warming facade. The global warming “science” has been … Read more

The Whole Tiger Mess

Image via Wikipedia Ok, we’re all going to have plenty of chances to be sick of hearing about Tiger Woods (and his ho-bag retinue) over the next couple of weeks, so I’m going to try to keep my comments confined to this post. At least until the next stupid/horrible revelation or train wreck press conference. … Read more

Because Monday Mornings Are Hectic Enough

Slow it down and relax a little with some happy little trees courtesy of Bob Ross: Related articles by Zemanta Happy Little Drop-and-Give-Me-50 (boingboing.net)

You Never Know How Much You Might Influence Somebody

Via Hot Air, a crazy story about a woman who assaulted anti-abortion protesters on her way to get an abortion, and then changed her mind and had the baby. “I was there to ask mothers not to kill their babies at the abortionclinic,” she said. “She [Hall] was walking toward me. She pulled out aknife … Read more

Sane Reporter Fired

I almost have to think that this is a joke, but absurdity is starting to blend into reality a lot lately.  From Creative Loafing: Atlanta Progressive News fires reported for trying to be objective.  Well of course.  Who can blame them, right?  A statement from the editor: At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did … Read more

30 Years Later and Hank Greenberg Woulda Kicked Their Asses

The world can really change in some dramatic and shocking ways. Case in point: via the Hardball Times, a post about the uniforms of the 1914 Boston Braves, which featured a swastika on the cap.  I kid you not. There’s something you don’t see every day, even though Keith Olbermann probably thinks that picture was … Read more

Date of the Union

If you think that traditional morals are crumbling and sending Western civilization to hell in a hand cart, go read Charlotte Allen’s report on “The New Dating Game” for The Weekly Standard.  After you read that, there won’t be any “think” about it. Welcome to the New Paleolithic, where tens of thousands of years of … Read more

A Fresh, Hot Cup of Free Markets from Milton Friedman

(Via Baseball Crank) The New Ledger takes a look at the persuasive points of free market advocate and super genius Milton Friedman.  No, none of the clips are exactly new, but it is refreshing nowadays to see someone making these points, and making them so eloquently besides. And it’s especially instructive to watch this clip, … Read more

Only Because Everybody Who Thinks Differently is So Completely Stupid

Holy cow, the Washington Post (that’s right, the Post) publishes an article that actually addresses a genuine problem in political discourse: Why are liberals so condescending? This condescension is part of a long liberal tradition that for generations has impoverished American debates over the economy, social issues and the functions of government — and threatens … Read more

Super Bowl Pro-Life Tebow-a-Palooza!

First of all, a point purely related to football (non-fans may skip ahead): Apparently, the media who cover pro football have no contact with–or knowledge of–the media who cover college football.  Under the eye of the college media, Tim Tebow was a nine-foot-tall magical genie with the strength of 16 bulldozers who could alter the … Read more

Sometimes the Jokes Just Write Themselves

From Instapundit, with no comment necessary: RAHM EMANUEL COMPARES DEMOCRATS TO RETARDED PEOPLE, then apologizes to retarded people.

Haitian Economics

Image by United Nations Development Programme via Flickr With the relief effort in Haiti well underway, I think it’s a good idea for us to remember that things in Haiti were pretty terrible before the earthquake, and to consider the reasons why. Big Government pretty well sums it up with a headline: “Earthquakes Don’t Kill … Read more

Waiter, One Blown Mind Please

Good morning!  Care for a little brain-scrambling Christian philosophy (courtesy of the good folks at the Prosblogion) with your morning joe?  Well, put down your Family Circus and your sudoku, and pick up some of this: Transworld Depravity (TWD) is the thesis that possibly every feasibleworld with significantly free agents contains moral evil. I will … Read more