The Two Lists

Writer and blogger (and our friend from Jennifer Fulwiler, who was “militantly pro-choice” until her conversion to Christianity, provides some insight into thoughts of those who support, and utilize, abortion:

We hated the anti-abortion zealots because we thought they tried to take away women’s freedom; what we didn’t understand is that women’s freedom had already been taken, when society bought the lie that sex is primarily about bonding and pleasure, and that its life-giving potential is tangential and optional.

2 thoughts on “The Two Lists”

  1. I like her blog and I like
    your blog also.

    In the last 6 months I have
    migrated from the left to
    the right( whatever that means),
    though I maintain and independent

    When we ask to do God’s will
    through Christ then we sometimes
    get some interesting shifts
    in our thinking.



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