Whew, I’m Glad All Those Big Problems Are Taken Care Of

Vermont Tiger breathes a sigh of relief that Congress has plenty of spare time to sort out the NCAA college football championship: Now, before they rest from their labors, the lords and ladies of the Imperial City are taking on the formidable challenge of fixing the way the number one team in college football is determined. … Washington is going …

The Two Lists

Writer and blogger (and our friend from ConversionDiary.com) Jennifer Fulwiler, who was “militantly pro-choice” until her conversion to Christianity, provides some insight into thoughts of those who support, and utilize, abortion: We hated the anti-abortion zealots because we thought they tried to take away women’s freedom; what we didn’t understand is that women’s freedom had already been taken, when society …

Now That is a Good Question

The IMAO Question of the Day: Should anyone who ever supported John Edwards have their voting rights revoked? It’s a free country, and we don’t like removing the voting rights of anyone other than felons, but it would seem that anyone who ever supported the blatantly slimy and phony John Edwards is nothing but a danger to him or herself …

Dear Adam Lambert,

It’s been done.


Some initial thoughts on Haiti: — It is a bizarre world we live in, and a weird period in human history, where there can be catastrophes that cause such overwhelming devastation, and immediately afterward–and I mean within 24 hours–the biggest problem is where to park all the planes that are bringing in relief supplies. We are still at the mercy …

Be Careful with Facebook Friend Requests

I wish I could send facebook friend requests that say, “Jason wants to destroy you!” (via Gizmodo)

Enough Said

Flop Sweat Saves Lives

First with the Shoe Bomber, then with the Underwear Bomber (Pantybomber, Fruit of the Boom, whatever), major catastrophes were averted because the terrorists chose to conceal the bombs on the sweatiest parts of their bodies, thereby futzing up their explosives.  How long before they figure this out, or until they discover the Western technological miracle known as “Zip-Loc”?