Tens of thousands of people converged on Capitol Hill on Saturday to protest against government spending

I’m glad so many people turned out for the 9/12 Tea Party protest and everything, but I can’t help but wonder, where were you guys during the election?  Y’know, a few months ago we had a chance to pick out who’d be making decisions in the government, and yet here we are.  They’re called elections, and they happen every couple of years, usually in November.  Mark your calendars.  Here’s hoping you show up for the next one.

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  1. If the Republicans had given us a decent presidential candidate, people would have showed up in droves. We want to vote FOR a candidate, not AGAINST one. Unfortunately, there was not a separate check box for Sarah Palin, so I held my nose and voted for McCain. Seriously, who could get passionate about somebody so wishy-washy? Reach across the aisle, my arse. Republicans do way too much of that, to our detriment.

    I also heard that a lot of the crowd were Democrats and Independents. Can you say “voter’s remorse?”

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