Explaining Palin

At the Campaign Spot on NRO:

It’s one thing to step into the public spotlight and know that people are going to ridicule your intelligence, your appearance, your judgment, your voice and accent, etc. But it’s another to know that your loved ones will get that scrutiny, too, and in particular your children.

That spurred this terrifying thought: The lesson that the ruthless corners of the political world will take from the rise, fall, and departure of Sarah Palin that if you attack a politician’s children nastily enough and relentlessly enough, you can get anybody to quit.

There are still any number of possible reasons for Palin’s resignation. But, barring a) the liberals hoped-for horrible scandal, and b) the conservatives hoped-for grand political strategy, the most likely explanation is that she’s just washing her hands of the whole mess.  We may have just learned that Sarah Palin is really a decent person. And, of course, there’s no room for people like that in politics.

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